Cost Engineering

Cost Engineering Software

ESTIM is an advanced and flexible cost engineering solution to accurately calculate the time and cost of manufacturing parts and components. With an ESTIM subscription, you can enhance your ability to deliver on time which improves your customer experience and profitability.

Other benefits of choosing ESTIM:

  • Keep track of bids, costs and resources.
  • Real-time detail estimating of discrete manufacturing from CAD input.
  • Create estimates based on historical data and industry standards.
  • Compare the relationship between estimated and actual manufacturing.
  • Report on customer history.

ESTIM is designed to save you time and money.

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Advanced Operations

Expand your operations to accurately calculate the time and cost of manufacturing. ESTIM makes advanced operations look easy.

Accurate Calculations

Each part can have many parameters associated with it, further increasing the accuracy of how long it takes to manufacture a part or component from any method and / or material.

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