Profile Cutting Software

ShapeNest is an advanced profile cutting software package designed to work with many different control units (eg: Burny 2.5). This software allows you to use CAD, Nesting and DNC linkage with your cutting machine for better accuracy and machine capability.

This software is designed to work with:

          • Plate or Sheet optimisation – Material utilisation
          • Oxy-acetylene, Plasma, Laser, Water-jet
          •  DXF CAD interface from
          • DNC with Cable or WiFi
          • DSTV
          • Developed ducting
          • Drilling & punching
          • Cutting programs for ESSI, ISO G codes
          • Compatible with Burny, Farley, NCE, Bystronic, NUM, Messer Griesheim and more
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Multiple Interfaces

ShapeNest profile cutting software works with many different interfaces including CAD and DNC

Better Profile Cutting

Use ShapeNest with plasma, oxy-acetylene, laser or water-jet machines. This software will easily integrate into your existing setup and provide instant results

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Cost-effective Profile Cutting Software

Download  ShapeNest £75 + vat  includes telephone and on-line support. Pay only for the months you use it.

This can be cancelled at any time.

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£750 one-time fee + £474 per year

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